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West Coast Manufactured Homes

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West Coast Manufactured Homes offers low cost mobile homes, manufactured homes and modular homes in BC, Alberta and Saskatchewan.

West Coast Manufactured Homes is changing the whole Manufactured Home industry as the cost of site built and modular housing in Western Canada has been constantly rising over the last 10 years.

West Coast Manufactured Homes is personally making sure that consumers can still purchase their modular homes for reasonable rates.

Here are several reasons why West Coast Manufactured Homes can deliver and set up a house cheaper than any other dealer in BC:

Low Cost Mobile Homes BC

Low Cost Mobile Homes BC

The strength of the Canadian dollar and the slow U.S. economy has driven some of the major US manufacturers to become CSA (Canadian Standards Association) approved to build homes for Canada.
Canadian manufactures are constantly increasing their prices in the Canadian market. Dealers for these manufacturers can’t compete with the pricing of the US manufacturers
There are dealers in the US trying to import homes into Canada. These dealers can’t stand behind their product when they are across the boarder. West Coast Manufactured homes is located in the interior of BC and has been selling, delivering, and setting up homes for 20 years. Our set-up crews have up to 30 years experience and will set your new home in accordance with the BC building code. West Coast Manufactured Homes will then walk through the home with you and make sure that everything is built and set up to your satisfaction. These services are not available to you from foreign dealers. West Coast Manufactured homes has also equipped our trucking company with the appropriate trailers and equipment to haul homes into BC. Other companies will try other methods that are not as safe and efficient.
All homes entering BC must comply with CSA standards and be certified. You can view our building specifications on this site. Our standards and specs exceed that of any manufacturer. West Coast Manufactured Homes offers “more for less”. Don’t miss out on this opportunity and let us help you build your home today.
Low Cost Modular Homes Alberta

Low Cost Modular Homes Alberta

Low Cost Manufactured Homes Saskatchewan

Low Cost Manufactured Homes Saskatchewan

Move into your new home in 8 weeks.

Best prices in Western Canada.

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